Greenwheat Wholegrain Freekeh

Greenwheat Wholegrain Freekeh

Freekeh Is A Versatile Superfood Packed With Nutrients And Health Benefits. It Is Produced By Harvesting Grains While Still Soft Young & Green Than Parching Roasting And Drying. The Process Captures The Grains At A State Of Peak Taste And Nutrition. Freekeh Is The Name Of This Process And Is Not The Name Of A Grain Variety. Serving Suggestions: Freekeh Is Ideal As A Base For An Ancient Grain Salad. Dress Cooked Grains With Preserved Lemon Mint Coriander And Yogurt And Serve Alongside White Meat Chicken Or Fish.  Combine Any Leftover Cooked Grains With Egg And Grated Parmesan Cheese To Make Freekeh Patties The Next Day. The Cooked Grains Can Be Toasted In The Oven On A Baking Tray And Used To Add Delicious Nutty Texture To A Salad.
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